There Are Many of Us

runningin mud

A Fib is Like Running in Mud

Atrial fibrillation is fairly common in athletes, particularly middle-aged endurance athletes. Endurance athletes have a two to three times greater chance of developing atrial fibrillation as compared to the normal couch potato population, and the chances of developing atrial fibrillation, of course, become greater as one ages – that goes for athletes as well as the general population. Many endurance athletes, like myself, continue to participate in endurance sports – perhaps a little slower than before atrial fibrillation.

1 thought on “There Are Many of Us

  1. Love this site. I am a new afibber. I am a 55 year old male and an avid hiker, backpacker, snowshoer, etc. i was shocked to find out just recently that I have peristent afib. Right now my heart has two speeds, at rest (which is running 30 bpm over my normal) and everything else. It jumps when I do anything. I am curious to know what others have done to control the tachycardia. I am on verapamil (high blood pressure – runs in the family, thought the exercise would help) and hpb is doing better but the heart rate is still high. Have any of you had to mix a calcium channel blocker with beta blocker?
    I just want to get back on the trail.

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