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John’s Bike

I’d like to recommend that readers of this blog take some time to check out the Cycling and AF Blog , if you haven’t already done so.

In this easy to read blog, with generally short entries, you’ll read of the personal journey of a middle aged road cyclist /club rider from England.

His atrial fibrillation (AF) began with some vague  symptoms in 2015, eventually diagnosed as AF. Follow his personal journey dealing with alcohol, coffee, diminished cycling performance, beta blockers (and other AF drugs), two ablations (!) and an Atricip procedure.

I think readers of this blog will find his journey interesting. Based in England the healthcare system is different, as are some names – a TEE (trans-esophageal echocardiogram), for example, is a TOE (trans-oesophageal echocardiogram).

I would certainly like to learn about the Atriclip procedure – I’ll research that and post about it in the future.

Speaking of alcohol – I’m planning my next blog post to be about alcohol and AF.

I hope you enjoy the Cycling and AF Blog as much as I did.

This is me, in AF, riding around Crater Lake

4 thoughts on “Cycling and AF Blog

  1. Hallo.
    I have read your blog for a while already. I love your photos!
    I’m AFIB free for more than 4 years, and it is wonderful!.
    I just did my 7th Cape Town Cycle Tour(Cape Argus) of 109km, it’s about 67miles.
    Keep up with all the informative post’s and enjoy nature with your running and cycling.
    When I’m out cycling I hear the words of a song “only you can feel the rain on your face and only you can speak the words on your lips”
    You have to be out there to “feel” nature and all its beauty.

  2. Hi Michael, thanks for the recommendation. I have read a large number of your excellent posts and have returned the favour on my pages.
    Just a note about the bike. It is a vintage Ephgrave no1
    My mother bought it in 1952 and raced grass track for many years. I took it over in 1982 and used it as a fixed gear road bike. When I developed AF, I rebuilt it as a singlespeed CX for use off road. None of the bike is original except for the frame; the seatpost is Campagnolo from 1982, but the rest of it is fairly new.
    I have now put it into semi-retirement and am back on the road on the Bianchi winter bike; I am looking forward to the better weather when I will get back on the Scott CR1.

  3. Hi John. I hope all is well with you. I love the bike story! I still have my original road bike, although I never ride it. It is featured on a vintage Trek site:

    Speaking of single speed bikes – I had been riding a single speed and enjoying it but over the past few years, with AF and the associated meds, I’ve had to sell it and trade in for a “gravel grinder.” Keep in mind that I live in the mountains, on top of a huge hill!


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